Kindergarten teachers in Ghana have been at home since the 16th March when the Government announced the closure of schools in Ghana, and kindergarten schools remain closed.

As part of our COVID-19 response we have been working closely with the Ghana Education Service across 12 districts in the Eastern, Western and Central Regions of Ghana. This work established district level COVID-19 response plans and together we have established the Sing, Say, Shine radio programme which is helping to provide lessons and activities for children whilst at home and providing support to parents. Since the closure of schools and the inception of the Sing, Say, Shine radio programme teachers have been supporting their learners to participate in the lessons.

Here’s what some teachers from the Eastern Region have to say;

“Since schools have been closed, I resorted to calling parents and talking to my learners about COVID-19 and reminding them of some of the songs and things we used to do at school. I also post the time and the day of Sabre’s radio broadcast on my WhatsApp status and call parents to tell their children to listen to the particular radio station broadcasting and I also send the recorded radio programme to them for the children to listen to anytime” 
Mabel Adarkwa, Mah-deen Islamic

“For me, I usually send the programme broadcast schedule to the parents of my learners to assist their wards to listen to the programme and do the activities. I found it difficult at first but they are improving now. Some parents have called to tell me how their children have been improving since the radio programme started. The only challenge is that I cannot go out to visit them since it is prohibited to do such visits at this time” 
Safuratu Seidu, Nana oware Agyapong Basic

“Staying at home all the time is not pleasant and I feel very worried for not being in school.  I should be practicing the skills learnt from the previous trainings. So, I have gathered contacts of some the parents of my pupils and created a WhatsApp group that I use to share stories and other assignments with them. I give parents guidance on how they can help their wards to learn in these times. I also advise parents to tune in to the radio programme and encourage them to help learners listen and interact effectively”
Mercy Techie-Menson, PCE Basic

“The closure of schools for the past three months is not an issue to be happy about. I must admit the fact that even though I am not happy we are in the house because we live to teach and learn, our health comes first because a sound mind is in a sound body. I however feel pity for my learners for the fact that this will draw them back for a year because I do not know if they would be repeated or promoted. Both comes with their consequences. When schools reopen, our work will be overburdened as we would have to repeat what has already been taught because the children would have forgotten and would need to be refreshed”
Dzifa Agbozo, AME Zion Kindergarten

“The feeling about being home these few months hasn’t been all that good with me. This is because I don’t get to see my learners to teach and play with them as I use to, this has made these past months boring even though one may think it has freed me from talking and stress but I feel that was what I’m paid to do”
Lydia Serwah Peprah,  Asikabew Basic School.



Note: These photographs were taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions being in place.