All of the schools that are taking part in the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project in the Western Region have been doing so well, which made it really difficult to select a School of the Month. After much deliberation we’d like to say congratulations to Shama Junction Kindergarten, the chosen school of the month for May 2018.

Here is some feedback from the Shama Junction Kindergarten school team:

“We prepare teaching and learning materials on time and start the implementation within the stipulated time. We go the extra mile to purchase and improvise all other materials to make the implementation successful because we can see a positive result in our pupils and our own biological children, unlike before when we didn’t have the necessary teaching and learning materials to teach”

“It is our motivation to see pupils who are confident and can interact freely. Timidity and absenteeism are a thing of the past in our school, Shama Junction Kindergarten”

“The Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project has given us the confidence to teach, as we now have all the teaching and learning materials at our disposal, we are creative, and have all the strategies to manage behaviour without the use of a cane”

“With the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project, we know what to teach.”