Construction of the new kindergarten school in the community of Punpunie in the Ahanta West District of Ghana’s Western Region is well underway.

Our work focuses on the early years, creating solid foundations, and the same goes for our school buildings. The foundation beam is in place and formwork was used to act as a mould to pour the concrete into. The same process is used for the columns and they have steel cages inside to help with strengthening the concrete frame.

The floor of the main school has been finished too. This starts with a hardcore filling that gets well compacted before a damp proof membrane is laid. This is topped with a reinforcement steel mesh and then the concrete for the ground slab is spread. Concrete has also been laid for the walkways on the school site.

The concrete columns are now complete and the upper ring beam is in place with truss shoes, which will hold the roof trusses. The team have also started digging the pit for the toilets.

The first of the monthly project meetings has also been held with representatives from the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly, Tullow Oil, the contractor and stakeholders from the Punpunie community. The headmistress and management of Punpunie Basic School were also present at the meeting.

Watch this space for more from Punpunie Model Kindergarten School…