The end of November and the first week of December have been jam packed with monitoring activities for the Transformational Teacher Training (TTT) team in the Central Region as the first school term draws to a close.

One of the biggest tasks has been the completion of the Teacher Monitoring Tool (TMT), which has been carefully developed to monitor the progress of each of the teachers with their implementation of the programme. These have been carried out by the TTT team in conjunction with Ghana Education Service officers from KEEA Municipality and Cape Coast Metro. The monitoring team stays in each of the classrooms for a full school day to monitor the teachers so that they can observe every session of the day. The TMT will be carried out once more this school year, meaning the TTT team can monitor the areas in which teachers are improving and areas that they may need more support with. Already the Ghana Education Service officers are amazed at what they’re seeing in the classrooms, which is excellent news to hear.

The TTT team were also busy carrying out Spot Checks last week. These are short 20 minute visits to each classroom to see how each school is getting on with the implementation of all aspects of the programme. These Spot Checks give the TTT team a good overview as to what the schools are finding hard to implement and what they are doing well.

The information gathered from the Spot Checks is fed back to the OLA College of Education trainers, who have been busy carrying out the second In Class Coaching (ICC) of the term. Each of the trainers spent a whole day in each school in order to support and coach the teachers with any individual challenges they may be facing in their classroom. One key area that the Spot Checks identified as a challenge in the classrooms was Phonics. With our excellent group of trainers on hand we know that they will be able to provide the very best support to each of the teachers.