For the past three weeks, our in-service teacher training team has been engaged in an exciting training session. The second intensive training workshop for this project was held for 212 kindergarten teachers, 84 head teachers and nine Ghana Education Service officers from the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) district in the Central Region.

The training which runs across three weeks (nine days of training in total), introduced teachers to phonics and the concepts of developmental stages of reading and writing. Teachers were also introduced to informal assessment using portfolios and observations.  For most of our teachers, this was an interesting learning as they are used to using formal assessment methods, such as tests, in kindergarten.

The last day of training was all fun as participants explored their creative arts abilities. They had materials to practice candle painting, rubbings and clay moldings with the hope that they will give their children the same experiences.

We were delighted that all the teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service Officers enjoyed the training session and are hopeful that they will be implementing the ideas they learned in their classrooms.

In the coming weeks, the trainers will spend a day in each of the 168 classrooms providing support to teachers who may experience some challenges implementing what they have learned.