As part of our transformational teacher training project in the Eastern Region of Ghana, head teachers in all 40 schools across four districts received three days of additional training to enable them to deliver in-class coaching which will support teachers in their respective kindergarten classrooms.

In the past, experienced college tutors and Ghana Education Service trainers were used to support teachers in their classrooms through in-class coaching. However with the increase in the number of schools involved in this project, the use of head teachers is seen as a more efficient and sustainable method of  classroom coaching as the head teachers are right there in the schools with the teachers and supporting teachers is also part of their remit at heads.

The training session used a variety of questions, discussions and group work reviewing possible scenarios head teachers and trainers were likely going to encounter in the classrooms and how they could handle such situations. Instructions were shared on how to complete and transmit in-class coaching data forms using KoboCollect. The Head Teacher Monitoring Tool was also introduced to participants to help them better supervise and monitor the implementation of the programme in their various schools.

For the first time videos of previous practical transmit in-class coaching were projected for participants. Each video was thoroughly reviewed with participants commenting how well the coaching was done and how they could have provided the coaching in such situations.  On the final training day participants had the opportunity to do a mock practice in selected classrooms.

It is our hope that head teachers will make the most out of this and other trainings so they can be better positioned to offer solutions to their teachers anytime they may need them.

This work has been funded by UK aid from the British people and Echidna Giving.