We have completed the first Intensive Training Workshop of our new teacher training project in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

We at Sabre are really motivated by the passion and excitement of all participants and the enthusiasm with which the methodology has been wholly accepted and cheered by the various education directorates in the Eastern region. 

The workshops have been delivered to teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service officers in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal, New Juabeng Municipal, Akuapem North and Akuapem South districts. The training reached 169 teachers from 40 schools (100 classrooms), 40 head teachers and 41 Ghana Education Service officers and was delivered by 21 trainers. 

The training helped teachers to understand the importance of early years’ education and how young children learn. It was aimed at deepening teachers’ understanding of the play based methodology to help them better implement the new standard based curriculum that Ghana Education Service has rolled out. 

Participants learnt about behaviour management strategies including how to establish classroom rules and routines with their learners. The workshops included positive behaviour management techniques such as rewards for good behaviour and applying consequences for misbehaviour in the classroom. Teachers’ capacities were built to enable them to use signals in their classrooms to get learners attention to perform a task or change task.

Key learning areas for the training included how teachers can create a calm and friendly atmosphere in their classrooms, how they can facilitate play, encourage language development and story sharing techniques. 

Teachers were taught about the importance of the 5Cs and how  teaching children through play will help them to develop confidence, communication, curiosity, concentration and cooperation which are needed to build a firm foundation and set children up to be confident learners.

Teachers felt very confident about their ability to make changes in their classrooms with some of them sharing their excitement as follows:

Margaret Quaye, Teacher, Obosomase Presby Kindergarten in the Akwapim North district

“The training was very insightful and it is an eye opener to lots of things I previously overlooked, most importantly, the pedagogy that should be used in the early stages of education. It has made me very resourceful and aware of the positive effects of using play. The training is very useful because we have been introduced to new ways of teaching and learning in the kindergarten classroom”

Lily Dokua, teacher at Nana Ankobea Takyiwa KG in the Akwapim North district

“The training will improve my teaching skills and also help the learners as well. I have learnt how to create a calm and friendly classroom atmosphere for learners and how not to stress their brains in the teaching process. I believe this methodology is quite timely and needed to sharpen my own teaching skills and also enhance teaching and learning in the classroom”

Richard Kuwornu, head teacher at Nana Ankobea Takyiwa KG in the Akwapim North district

“Generally, the training has helped me to get a clearer understanding of the new standard based curriculum. As a result of the training, I now support the no cane policy in our classrooms because I understand how children learn and support the fact that children need to be provided for, protected, encouraged and educated in an environment devoid of fear. With the zeal of the participants at the workshop, I can confidently conclude that Sabre Education has well positioned us to raise our children well and our kindergartens will be more than a home for our learners

Olivia Addo, teacher at A.M.E Zion Basic KG, Nsawam Adoagyiri municipal

“Our mandate as teachers is to make learners successful people in the future, and this training has consolidated that by helping us to develop children’s thinking capabilities. Sabre Education through this training is helping us to improve learners’ education by giving them a solid foundation for their future. I am enthused that now I can confidently say I am in a better position to develop children to become critical thinkers in future and I believe my efforts will make them more successful”

Godfred Twumasi, Circuit supervisor, Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal education directorate

“One important thing I have learnt through this training is child development. I have realised through this training that if children consistently receive information, they become critical thinkers and will be in a position to take their own initiative. The child’s success starts with the teacher and I am excited we have received lots of information to that extent. Teachers can no longer give the excuse of not being able to manage children well in their classrooms. The activity based learning approach introduced to us will create less room for absenteeism and make teachers more creative in making teaching and learning resources for their classrooms. Our children will also want to be in school always, because they love to play which is helping them to learn”

Felicia Antwi, Headmistress of Riis Presby Model KG in the New Juabeng municipal

“I have been a head teacher for the past ten years and I have realised that the methodology introduced to us is vastly different to what we were used to and I must thank Sabre Education for these skills we have acquired. We are going back to our various schools to implement the methodology because I believe it is going to help our children to develop important skills including love and passion for learning”

Wilhelmina Armah, Teacher at Nana Oware Gyapong (I) MA Basic school in the New Juabeng municipal

“The four days training we have attended have been innovative, it was creative and I have acquired so much knowledge and I am going to impart this to the learners in my class. Formerly, we were doing just the normal teaching but now we have acquired more skills to enhance children’s learning. We have also learnt how to make enough classroom resources to promote effective teaching and learning. This is a very important programme because it is play based and since children love to play, every child would be engaged for a better outcome”

Ayishetu Seidu, Teacher at Oyoko Methodist Basic

“At the end of this training I’m really feeling confident and very important as an early childhood teacher. I remember when I told a friend about my decision to pursue early childhood education, she was not impressed but I defended my decision with the view that, I would be a mother one day and that could be very helpful. The training this week has really exposed me to a whole lot of things I did not know and I am really happy to be part of this training. With the knowledge acquired here, I think my classroom is going to be unique and I am no longer going to wait for big money or capitation grant to prepare teaching and learning resources because I can now use local materials around me and oh, my children are going to realise that school is a play environment and not a punishment ground”

This project is funded with UK aid from the British people and Echidna Giving.

As we are now working simultaneously across four districts there were four Intensive Training Workshops. Here are some photos from each of the workshops:

Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipal

New Juabeng Municipal

Akwapim North district

Akwapim South district