Last week the Transformational Teacher Training team were delighted to be invited to two very exciting meetings in Accra.

The first was with The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), which is the main teacher’s union in Ghana. The purpose of this meeting was to prepare for the 2016 National Early Childhood Development (ECD) seminar in February. This will be an excellent platform to promote the importance of ECD in Ghana as well as the work of Sabre.

This week we were thrilled to hear that our Training & Relationships Manager, Godwin Agbavor, and one of our OLA College of Education trainers have been invited to be members of the technical working group who will be in charge of planning the themes, presentations and discussions that will make up the seminar next February.

The second meeting attended was the official launch of T-TEL (Transforming Teacher Education and Learning). T-TEL, a UK Department for International Development funded four year programme, works with all colleges of education in Ghana with the aim ‘to produce better educated teachers, well prepared and empowered for a career dedicated to improving young Ghanaian minds’. The Director of T-TEL called for stronger collaboration with other civil society organisations in order to achieve this, with a special mention given to Sabre and the Transformational Teacher Training programme. This was particularly exciting as the Vice President of Ghana and the Minister of Education were in attendance. You can find out more about the T-TEL project here.

We are thrilled to attend meetings such as these as they are an excellent way to share with a wider audience all of the exciting work happening in the Transformational Teacher Training schools.

Some of the attendees of the T-TEL launch

Some of the attendees of the T-TEL launch.

Photo credit: T-TEL