We’re delighted to share that construction work is now underway to build a new kindergarten school in the community of Krisan-Sanzule in the Ellembelle District of Ghana’s Western Region.

This school will be built to the Sabre-Arup design and is one of two new schools being built this year in partnership with Tullow Oil in the Western Region. Click here to read about progress at Punpunie Model Kindergarten School. The school will include two classrooms, an office/storeroom, kitchen, toilets and an outside teaching area and playground. The schools are earth quake resistant and also feature a rainwater harvesting system, collecting water for cooking, washing and drinking.

Preparatory works

A site selection visit was carried out with all stakeholders, including a representative from Tullow Oil and community engagement meetings were carried out with Krisan-Sanzule community elders.

Here you can see the existing kindergarten school at Krisan-Sanzule.

kindergarten school at Krisan-Sanzule








Soil investigation tests were carried out to determine if the soil would be able to support the school building. These tests also look into soil drainage and help to establish the best foundations to be used for the school building.


Sod Cutting Ceremony

The Sod Cutting marks the start of the construction phase of the project and is an occasion to bring all the stakeholders and dignitaries together. The Ellembelle District Assembly and community leaders committed to taking good care of the kindergarten school after its completion.


Construction begins…

The site has been marked out and foundation trenches have been dug for the marked out area. The first concrete pour is underway for the kindergarten classroom area.

Watch this space for more updates!