Sabre Education’s programmes provide an innovative and carefully considered response to the challenge of access to quality kindergarten education in Ghana. We aim to showcase best practice infrastructure and teaching in the schools where we work, supporting the government’s 2012 operational plan on a local scale and contributing strategies for its wider replication. Our Transformational Teacher Training and Building Playful Schools projects are gaining national and international recognition for excellence, and are providing a benchmark for quality in Ghana.

The Need – Kindergarten in Ghana

In 2007, two years of kindergarten school for 4 and 5 year olds became a compulsory part of the basic primary education system in Ghana. Despite the Ghanaian Government’s strong commitment to the kindergarten sector, it is still woefully underfunded.

Why Early child hood matters

Why Early Childhood Matters

It is now widely recognised by educationalists, economists and policy makers that the early education years have the greatest impact on how a child performs at school, and the kind of adult they grow into.

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Building Playful Schools

Since 2008, Sabre Education has been Building Playful Schools in collaboration with global engineering and construction firm Arup, and in close collaboration with local communities and the Ghana Education Service. The Sabre-Arup kindergarten schools have received international recognition from development agencies such as UNICEF and DFID as being some of the very best classrooms in Ghana.


Transformational Teacher Training

Sabre’s Transformational Teacher Training programme targets the shortage of trained kindergarten teachers, and addresses the need for low cost appropriate learning materials. The programme is a direct response to the Government’s vision to revolutionise kindergarten teaching in Ghana. The programme is jointly managed by the Ghana Education Service, Our Lady of the Apostles (OLA) and Holy Child Colleges of Education and Sabre Education.