Before we tell you our exciting plans for 2022, it is important that we celebrate the amazing achievements of all those who completed the transformational teacher training course in 2021.

The largest project we have delivered to date, the teacher training was delivered across six districts, reaching 274 government kindergarten schools. It also coincided with the global pandemic which saw schools in Ghana closed for almost 10 months.

Despite this, 1,487 teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service Officers received training to enable them to deliver quality early years education through play.

Programme Management Meeting in November 2021, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss successes, challenges and future plans.

As a result, 15,758 children have been given a quality play-based education across six districts in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The trained teachers will teach many more children year on year who will also get a quality play-based education.

An important part of our teacher training programme is assessment which is used to show how effectively teachers are putting it into practice what they learn in the workshops It offers valuable insights into any areas teachers are having difficulties and helps us to provide the right additional support.  The assessment takes place in classrooms where teachers are observed in practice, and the observations are recorded on a tool called the Teacher Monitoring Checklist. We support Ghana Education Service Officers to use the tool and assess teachers throughout the training programme which is an important role of the Ghana Education Service who are responsible for maintaining quality in the classrooms moving forward.

The final teacher assessments were administered in November 2021 and 83% of teachers met the target competency level which is a really positive result, especially considering the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

During the next stage of the project, we will be providing further training to 225 teachers to become mentors to student teachers. As a result, the classrooms in which these teachers work will be upgraded to Model Practice Classrooms, meaning they are able to provide quality placements for student teachers from the two local colleges of education. In 2022, we aim to set up 114 of these classrooms, ensuring the project benefits the next generation of teachers too!

Watch this space for more updates!