We are excited to share that we have delivered the third and final Training of Trainer workshop to the group of trainers drawn for the Ghana Education Service and experienced teachers in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

This training began on the 2nd July and was delivered using Zoom. We split the trainers into two groups to make the training more productive as we were using zoom. Ahead of this training, Sabre’s training team worked closely with the Ghana Education Service across the six districts we are working with to ensure that each trainer was conversant and comfortable enough to fully participate in this training using Zoom. Resources for this training were mobilised and shared with trainers via whatsapp ahead of the training. Activities that were supposed to take place as part of the training were recorded in videos and shared with trainers ahead of training.

The final training brought trainers up to speed on what has been happening and understanding how teachers, Ghana Education Service officers and Sabre is supporting kindergarten children and their parents while they stay at home as a result of COVID-19. The Ghana Education Service has commended Sabre for supporting the radio broadcast and community public address systems programme and how its supporting pupils, parents and communities to learn while at home.

As part of the training, discussions on the successes and challenges regarding the implementation of the play-based approach were discussed and some solutions suggested. In addition, issues of special educational needs, safeguarding and parental engagements were also discussed as part of the training.

The final day of this Training of Trainer Workshop will not be delivered until we have a confirmed date for schools to open and can therefore plan for the final Intensive Training Workshop for teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service officers who started their training in September 2019.

Although training for teachers will not take place until schools have resumed, the trainers are well placed to provide remote support to teachers, and parents on the topics discussed in the training.

This project is funded with UK aid from the British people and Echidna Giving.