Last week we began the expansion of our teacher training activities into a new district in the Central Region of Ghana, Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK). Over the next academic year we will be delivering this In-Service Teacher Training project, which draws on the core elements of our award winning Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project. The in-service training will be provided to all of the government kindergarten teachers in the district (over 200 teachers and head teachers), providing them with the skills to implement the activity and play-based pedagogy endorsed by the government of Ghana.

Before the start of the training for the teachers we held a seven day Training of Trainers workshop for our new group of Ghana Education Service trainers. This group of eight trainers will be responsible for delivering all training workshops to the teachers over the year. During the workshop the trainers received training on various aspects of the In-Service Teacher Training project, including managing behavior, the classroom environment, the importance and value of play in the classrooms, how to facilitate play and how to make teaching and learning materials using affordable local resources.

The workshop also provided the trainers the opportunity to practice their delivery of the workshop content and focus on areas that they found the most challenging, ensuring that the workshops are delivered to the highest possible standard.

By the end of the seven days of training, the Ghana Education Service trainers shared how the workshop had a significant influence on their understanding of how kindergarten classrooms should operate and that they now felt confident to deliver the training to the kindergarten teachers.

One of the trainers, Priscilla, gave us some wonderful feedback about the Training of Trainers workshop, “I’ve learnt so many things during this training, I had no idea this was going to be such a rewarding experience. Each day, I look forward to what we are going to learn, and the Sabre team never disappoints. I am leaving this training today confident to deliver training to the kindergarten teachers in the district, offering them the best child friendly methodology to enable them to train up our future leaders in Ghana.”

We are looking forward to meeting the kindergarten teachers and starting their training very soon, so watch this space!