At the recent opening ceremony for OLA Kindergarten Centre of Excellence we were amazed at the beautiful and colourful school uniforms all of the children were wearing. Unlike in the UK, where we all go to a shop to buy school uniforms, each uniform for the children at the Centre of Excellence is hand made. We spoke to the tailor, Francis Tenth, who made all of the uniforms to find out more.

Francis has been a tailor for 18 years and with all of his experience it now takes him 3-4 hours to make one uniform. He makes many uniforms for other kindergarten schools in the area so he doesn’t even have to take the measurements of the children anymore, he always knows exactly what size to make for each child. Francis cannot always rely on there being electricity to power his sewing machine so many tailors and seamstresses use machines that are powered by their hands or feet. The end product is beautiful and all of the children were very excited to receive their new uniforms!