Our establishing and established groups of trainers which includes tutors from Holy Child College of Education, officers from the Ghana Education Service and Fast-track Transformational Teacher programme trained teachers came together last month to prepare for the second In Class Coaching of the term. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for the established trainers, who have completed their two years of training, to share their top tips for carrying out a successful In Class Coaching and the most challenging situations they have come across in the classrooms.

In Class Coaching is a highly unique aspect of the teacher training programme as it takes the trainers into the classrooms in order to provide hands on support in the teachers own environment. We took the opportunity to speak to some of the teachers during this round of In Class Coaching to find out their thoughts and if it helped with their implementation of the programme.

“In Class Coaching has been very encouraging to me because the trainers come around with a calm and friendly energy to help us manage all learning problems we are facing in our classrooms. They facilitate us to understand the need to manage situations with practice.”

Rebecca A. Danquah, Central Preparatory Kindergarten

“The trainers have been regular in the support they give both on the phone and during In Class Coaching. All the great transformation I see in my classroom is from the great coaching the trainers have been giving to us. The trainers friendly chat is very encouraging which supports our implementation of the programme.”

Nancy Pieteson, Fawomaye Kindergarten

“All In Class Coaching I have received has been successful and very helpful because some of the teaching and learning activities were re-positioned which enabled the children to have easy access to them. The team I received were very calm and reminded me about time and allocation for the phonics activities.”

Monica Ackah, Shama Model Kindergarten

Congratulations to all of the trainers for providing such excellent support to the teachers during their first term on the programme. We cannot wait to continue following the transformation of their classrooms during Term 2!