On World Teachers’ Day we want to celebrate the incredible work that teachers do and the huge difference they make to children’s lives. Here are some teachers who have gone that extra mile to build a brighter future for their pupils.

Madam Eunice Sakyibea Kwakye teaches year two kindergarten at Nana Osae Djan School in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Madam Eunice is highly dedicated, committed and has prepared all of the teaching and learning resources needed to teach the key topics this year. Her resource making is so good that Eunice has become the go to resource expert for both her colleagues and other schools in her district!

Madam Eunice shared that “Sabre Education’s timely intervention has helped me in so many ways. I now have a better understanding of how to implement the curriculum and I have gained so much knowledge on child-centred teaching”

Adweso Mile 50 Kindergarten School was recognised in 2015 as the second-best kindergarten school in the whole Eastern Region. It is no surprise then that the teachers in class one are being recognised as Star Teachers. The three teachers, Helena Enyonam Albenah, Perfect Nutifafa Honutse and Florence Obese (pictured left to right below) have set up an excellent classroom environment for their pupils, making their own teaching resources and ensuring they are well packaged, labelled and stored so that they can be used for many years to come. The teachers have been working really hard to plan their lessons ahead of time making teaching easier for them and better quality for the children.

Perfect Nutifafa Honutse, speaking on behalf of her colleagues, shared that ‘‘The play-based methodology has improved our teaching and learning in the classroom. The classroom is now full of activities for learners, not forgetting numerous activities to help learners develop each day. The parents in turn see children develop different skills in school and are beginning to show more interest in their education. We couldn’t have gained an understanding on how to do this without Sabre Educations tireless effort. Well done Sabre and we are grateful”