This month, we are delighted to give our Star Teacher of the Month to two teachers, Bernice Ofori and Lydia Takyi Anning from Abonyi Catholic D/A Basic School in the Central Region. These kindergarten teachers really are making a tremendous contribution to the lives of the young learners in their circuit.

Bernice and Lydia have shown a strong understanding of play-based kindergarten teaching and go the extra mile to make learning fun and interesting for their pupils. They are brimming with innovative and fun ideas to keep their learners engaged throughout the school day.

Due to their innovative teaching ideas, they are both now serving as resource persons to the teachers in their circuit. We are thrilled to see that their creativity is helping other teachers to effectively implement play-based teaching in their own classrooms.

It is clear to see that their pupils are really benefitting from their hard work. Students in Bernice and Lydia’s class are always present in school and fully engaged in all the different activities they have the opportunity to take part in each day.

Ayekoo (well done) to Bernice and Lydia, and we look forward to seeing what innovative ideas they come up with next in their classroom!