Stakeholders Review Meetings provide vital opportunities for stakeholders to come together and share project successes and challenges.

As we wind down project activities in the six districts of the Eastern Region, we held our final Stakeholder Review Meeting for key stakeholders. These stakeholders consisted of the District Implementation Teams, headed by the Directors from the six implementing districts in the Eastern Region, Municipal Chief Executives, SPED coordinators, trainers, parents, selected kindergarten teachers and headteachers, community leaders, and School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs).

The aim of the meeting was to review progress made in supporting the six project directorates (Nsawam Adoagyir, Akuapem South and North, Okere and New Juaben North and South) since the start of the project in 2019.

We were thrilled with the stakeholders’ response to the meeting, as they shared presentations and ideas to sustain best practices in play-based learning. The shared goal was to deepen teachers’ understanding of the standard-based curriculum, which Sabre played a major role in producing in 2019.

It was fascinating to hear how Sabre’s support has not only impacted classrooms, but also the personal lives of the GES trainers in the various districts:

I’ve never been a confident speaker, but as a result of Sabre’s engagement in the district, I have deepened my understanding of the KG curriculum, as well as my capacity to confidently lead training sessions in the district and beyond

– Divine Tetteh Daitey- SISO

I am so proud of the huge impact we have made in the New Juaben North District. I am a proud Kindergarten teacher and I hope I never stop teaching Early Grade, because now our activities are full of fun for learners.

– Teacher, New Juaben North

When I initially heard about the play-based approach, I thought it was all about going outside to jump and play, but through Sabre Education, I started to understand that children need to play to learn effectively. We are so grateful to Sabre Education. This is our mandate as a Directorate, it’s up to us to ensure these best practices are sustained.

– Director Mustapha Haruna (New Juaben South)

The classrooms look amazing and have created stimulating learning environments for learners. Thanks to Sabre Education and all the implementation leads.

– Assembly Member- Nana Kwadwo Addo Dankwah V

I have learned how to manage learners’ behaviour through the use of positive discipline, and am so impressed with the resource-rich classrooms I teach in. Thanks to my Mentors and Sabre Education.

– Adu Bernice Asebea Level 200 PWCE