This year, we commemorate the 10th anniversary of International Day of the Girl Child. Around the world, girls continue to face too many barriers to fulfilling their potential. Sabre’s teacher training helps to ensure that young girls in Ghana receive a quality start to their education, setting them up to succeed throughout the rest of their learning journey and beyond.

To mark International Day of the Girl Child, we spoke to primary school pupil Theresa, to find out what her time at kindergarten school was like, being taught by teachers trained in the play-based approach.

“Each day when I came to kindergarten school in the morning, we would pick our name cards, mention them while singing the registration song and put them in the self-registration pocket. So, we knew those who did not come to school that day. We did that every day and I could write my name and that of my friends. I enjoyed playing at the learning centres. We would practice counting at the shopping centre and in table top activities as well. We arranged shapes and my teachers would ask us questions. I was always happy when I came to kindergarten because I would see my friends and we played together. I never missed a school day and always wanted to come”.

To support more children like Theresa to get a quality play-based education, you can make a gift to support Sabre’s work here. 

Note: Learning centres are set up around the classroom and mimic real life scenarios such as the market (shopping centre), construction centre and home centre. They allow children to role play and use their imaginations whilst learning a wide range of skills.