The Ghana Ministry of Education holds an annual Teacher Prize to honour the fantastic work teachers are doing across the country. This year it was held as part of the celebrations for World Teachers’ day earlier this month.

Prizes are awarded to teachers from kindergarten up to senior high school, at national, regional and district levels.

We are thrilled to share that a kindergarten teacher and a head teacher from schools we have supported with our teacher training have both won awards for their district, Effia Kwesimentism Municipal in the Western Region.

Suzime Mensah, Kindergarten Teacher at Archbishop Porter A Kindergarten shared;

I was very excited when I was honoured as the Best Kindergarten Teacher in my district. As a teacher trainer for my district during the Sabre Education training, I had the opportunity to get the deepest understanding of the play-based approach. This included the use of outdoor activities, tabletop activities, learning centres, sensory activities, role play, story sharing etc. This has been my source of making teaching and learning more active and fun in my own classroom. The joy I see on my learners’ faces as we go through everyday learning activities makes me feel fulfilled and motivated to work harder.

I want to use this opportunity to thank Sabre Education for building my capacity as a teacher on the play-based approach, and thanks to the organisers of the Ghana Teacher prize at Effia Kwesimentism Municipal.

Head Teacher at Anaji M/A, Margaret Buabeng told us that,

I am highly honoured to have been awarded the Best Head Teacher in Effia Kwesimentsim Municipal. I am proud of all my teachers, especially kindergarten teachers whom I have supported through my coaching in the classroom. I am happy to continue to see my teachers create learning centres such as the home, shopping, construction and book centres. It has been exciting to also see my teachers with their learners at table top activities including both indoor and outdoor activities.

My school was part of Sabre Education’s teacher training programme some years back, and it was obvious when I joined the school as Head Teacher and noticed that the teachers were advanced in terms of methodology. I am very humbled and honoured with gratitude going to God Almighty, the sponsors and not forgetting my dedicated facilitators who have made teaching and learning more convenient and simpler through a play-based approach.

Ayekoo (Congratulations) to Suzime and Margaret and all those who were honoured as part of the Ghana Teacher Prize!