Today, Sabre Education has announced a major new project based in the Assin South district of Ghana’s Central Region aimed at transforming the quality of education for the district’s youngest learners.

Assin South has been earmarked by Sabre Education and the Central Regional Education Service to receive extensive support for district-wide kindergarten teacher capacity development with the goal of transforming kindergarten (KG) classrooms and learning outcomes for young learners.

Sabre Education specialises in training KG teachers to deepen their understanding of the government’s newly launched play-based KG curriculum. Sabre’s central tenet is that early childhood education is the cornerstone of a child’s development. Quality play-based early education can have a profound and lasting impact, not just on individual children, but on entire communities.

Sabre representatives joined the Central Region’s Early Childhood Coordinator, Mr Alberta Aryeh, in a meeting with the Assin South District Director, Mr Ransford Appiah, and other key members of the district’s Education Directorate.

The District Director and the Central Regional ECE Coordinator expressed their sincere appreciation for Sabre’s engagement in the district, and pledged to enhance the quality of early childhood education in Assin South and beyond through Sabre’s play-based KG teacher training on the standard-based curriculum.

“We see this as a privilege and we hold it in high esteem. We will ensure the programme is highly successful”, said Mr Appiah, Director of Education in Assin South. Mr Appiah emphasised his district’s commitment to building the capacity of KG teachers, who in turn will provide his district’s kindergarten learners with the solid educational foundation they deserve.

“The team at Sabre Education are very excited about this initial engagement meeting with the District Education team at Assin South, as we prepare for the implementation of a district-wide KG teacher training programme in the district.”

– James Ayando, Director of Programmes at Sabre Education.

“We are grateful to the Central Region Education Directorate for leading and coordinating activities with the Assin South District, paving the way for the plans and structures to be activated at the district level for the implementation of the teacher training initiative.”

Assin South is now one of six districts in the Central Region, alongside Effutu, Gomoa, Cape Coast Metro, Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA), and Abura Asebu Kwamankese (AAK) in which Sabre Education and the Central Regional Education Service have committed to broadening their engagement. Their overall aim remains laser-focused on strengthening kindergarten teachers’ capacity to deliver quality, play-based early childhood education across Ghana.