Last month, we were delighted to welcome around 90 students from the Early Childhood Students’ Association at the University of Education, Winneba, to see the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training in action.

Time only allowed a visit to one school, but OLA Kindergarten Centre of Excellence ably showcased both the Sabre-built kindergarten structure and the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training methodology in combination to create a child-centred, active and developmentally appropriate learning environment.

The students loved seeing the pupils during facilitated play in the centres, and took a lot of inspiration for their projects from the plethora of teaching and learning materials in the classrooms. They were also impressed at the amount of ventilation in the classrooms keeping them so much cooler than other schools they’d visited.

Well done and thank you to all at OLA Centre of Excellence for hosting us in such large numbers! To our guests, good luck with the rest of your studies and we hope to see you again soon!