We are delighted to announce that the Ahobre Kindergarten teachers have been selected as our December Teachers of the Month in the Western Region.

Charity Samba, Brigit Tobis and Doris Ackah have all shown great commitment and dedication in the implementation of the Transformational Teacher Training programme in their school.

Ahobre Kindergarten teachers will soon be able to take up posts in the new Early Years Complex Sabre is building in their community.  Ahobre is located in Jomoro district, which is not located near to the other schools on the teacher training programme and so the team are not able to visit them as often to offer them individual monitoring and support.

Nevertheless, the teachers at Ahobre have not let this stop them from making an excellent start to their training. Already we can see that their confidence levels have increased and they are much more comfortable with running the programme in their classrooms. And the teachers have noticed a positive change in their children as well. Absenteeism has reduced to almost zero, the children are more punctual to school and they are more interested in learning.

Seeing this change in the children’s attitude towards school has really motivated these teachers and we know that they will keep up the good work. Congratulations to Ahobre Kindergarten and we look forward to tracking their progress over the rest of this school year.