Programme Management Meetings are carried out each term and provide a vital opportunity for stakeholders to come together and share the project progress, both successes and challenges.

We recently held a Programme Management Meeting for the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project in the Western Region.

In attendance were the Vice Principal of Holy Child College of Education, Directors of the Shama and Sekondi-Takoradi Education Directorates and representatives from the Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Education Directorate.

This is a particularly crucial time for the project as the teachers’ training will soon come to an end and much responsibility for the on-going success of the project will pass on to the College of Education and Ghana Education Service. These meetings ensure that all key stakeholders are on board with the project and have a solid understanding of how implementation is progressing.

Key items discussed included:
• Updates on the state of Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project in each directorate and institution and plans for up-coming activities
• Updates from Sabre on the progress of the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project and plans for sustainability measures next year.
• The status of the Newly Qualified Teacher Support project and the construction of two new kindergarten schools in the far west.
• Results from the Teacher Monitoring Tool, which is used to monitor teaching quality in the classrooms.

Challenges were also discussed and included:
• The Ghana Education Service struggling to arrange circuit based meetings. Ghana Education Service officers support to circuits of schools (groups) within their districts that are in close proximity to each other. These meetings are essential to bring the schools and teachers together to learn from each other and work together to implement the programme.
• Issues arising from teachers being transferred into schools currently undergoing training.