As with the Central Region, college of education trainers in the Western Region were trained  in early October to coach teachers in their classrooms, as they begin to transform both their classrooms and their teaching. Now these trainers, from Holy Child College of Education, are about to complete their second week of actual coaching. This has involved going, in pairs, to the 24 Western Region kindergartens involved in the project to coach and support teachers at this crucial time when they are ‘feeling their way’ with the new approaches.

The Holy Child trainers have been reporting to us that, during their one full day of in-class coaching in each kindergarten, they have found that most teachers are getting off to a good start in setting up learning centres, both in their classrooms and outside, and in making resources and then using and displaying them appropriately. The trainers have noted that, in future coaching sessions, they will help teachers with the issue of how to manage behaviour and will also help them to have a deeper understanding of the new classroom activities they are carrying out, as these are two areas that teachers are facing challenges with.