Progress on site has been slightly delayed due to the decision to pause concrete works to enable more thorough testing of ground conditions to take place in collaboration with a visiting team of engineers from Arup.

Arup Engineers, Matt Willis and Tom Hallewell, visited the site at the end of March, in conjunction with site visits to all of our 2016 construction projects, and worked with the site team to assess the bearing capacity of the soil on site.

Key activities in March include:

  • The filling of the foundation trench of the primary block with hardcore to compensate for the loose sandy soil found on site.
  • The filling of the inner perimeter of the kindergarten block with hardcore as a sub-base build up in preparation for casting the classroom’s inner perimeter slab.
  • The column reinforcement cages and the starter bars for reinforcing the partition block walls were completely fixed for the kindergarten block.
  • The on-site swales were dug to 50% completion.
  • Sieved sand from the site was moulded into block samples for crush tests.

Watch this space for more updates …..