As part of a three year grant from Tullow Ghana Limited to construct six kindergarten schools, in January we started work on a new school in the community of Ehunyame, in the Western Region of Ghana.

Since our update at the beginning of May the school is progressing as well as possible in light of some difficulties in accessing the site due to the heavy rains. The main access road has been badly flooded which halted progress somewhat. Work will resume once the flood waters have receded.

Some of the key activities that have taken place to date include:

Main school building

The floors have been cast, and quality assurance was carried out on the damp proof membrane. The concrete will be covered with Terrazzo flooring which is underway.

The block work is in place and cladding of the upper stud walls is progressing.

The roofing sheets are in place.

Some of the school walkways have been cast and grasses have been planted.


The wooden framework and block work is done and the roofing sheet is on.


Wooden framework and the concrete work is complete.

Outside teaching area

The frame of the shaded outside teaching area is in place.

Watch this space for more updates….