Our team from the UK was thrilled to be able to bring over 100 books to Ghana at the end of 2019 that were very generously donated by Pelican Post supporters. Pelican Post has been a long term supporter of Sabre, allowing us to provide hundreds of classrooms with kindergarten appropriate story books.

The books have been shared amongst the new schools we started working with in the Eastern Region in September 2019. These books have been a massive help in allowing the teachers to set up books centres in their classroom and for the story sharing sessions they have at the end of each day. The books have been shared across 40 schools, reaching over 2000 children!

Kindergarten classrooms in Ghana traditionally tend to be print poor, with little to no books for children to use. As a result children do not start primary school with all of the literacy skills that they need to succeed throughout the rest of their education. Therefore, donations such as the one we received from Pelican Post are such a valuable asset to the classrooms, and as you can see from the pictures the children could not be more thrilled to receive them!

Medaase pa pa pa (thank you very much) to Pelican Post and their supporters for their donation.