There has been some good progress at Ahobre Early Years Complex over the last month and all 19 columns for the kindergarten block have now been cast.

Following recommendations from the Arup design team about how to compensate for the loose sandy soil on site, the Primary block foundation trenches have been widened and filled with hardcore prior to the complete casting of the foundation’s blinding.

Due to the sandy content of the site soil, we are proposing to use Sandcrete Blocks instead of Stablilised Soil Blocks. Samples of the new blocks were sent to the laboratory for crush tests and the results have been shared with our design team at Arup for their advice and recommendations.

Off-site, works have begun on the manufacturing of the truss shoes; whilst back on-site assembly has begun on the roof trusses.

We were delighted to have two representatives from Tullow Oil plc, D.K Nyante and Alfred K. Gyimah, visit the site to see the progress in April as well.