A one day Training of Trainers was organised by the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training (FTTT) team in the Central Region to prepare both trainers from OLA College of Education and the FTTT trained teacher trainers for the sixth and final In-Class Coaching.

During In-Class Coaching the trainers will spend a full day in each of the schools on the training programme in order to provide them with individual coaching and support in areas that they may be facing difficulties. This final In-Class Coaching is very important as the teachers will soon finish their training and be on their own in the classrooms implementing the programme, so this is an excellent opportunity to identify and solve any challenges the teachers are having.

In addition, this In-Class Coaching gave the trainers the opportunity to model best practice for the teachers and student teachers and also set them up for sustaining the programme.

The one day Training of Trainers is meant to consolidate the skills and methodology our experienced trainers will use in the In-Class Coaching. We wish our coaches the best and we trust they will do a fantastic job.