It has been a great last week of the school term as our team of trainers in the Western Region gathered to reflect on the last terms delivery and also began preparations for the delivery of Intensive Training Workshop 5 in January. This workshop is the last training that the teachers will attend ahead of completing their training at the end of the school year. The training will include sessions on drama and story sharing as well as mathematical activities for kindergarten. Another important focus of this workshop will be how teachers can support children who learn at different speeds as well as those children that may have physical disabilities.

It has been a busy term for the trainers who have delivered a four day Intensive Training Workshop as well as providing a full day of In Class Coaching to each of the classrooms. All of their hard work has ensured that over 1,300 children have received quality teaching from well trained teachers.

To celebrate all of their hard work the trainers and Sabre team enjoyed a team lunch with plenty of fufu to go around, a traditional Ghanaian dish made from cassava. Our training team is looking forward to a well deserved rest after a busy term and we look forward to welcoming them back in 2019. Watch this space to see how they get on with delivering the final workshop to the teachers in January.