Year two (September 2019 – July 2020) of our districtwide in-service teacher training project for teachers, head teachers and Ghana Education Service officers in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) district in the Central Region, focuses on the Ghana Education Service taking on the responsibility of sustaining the classroom quality and ensuring each year group of children coming through these kindergartens continue to benefits from a quality early years education.

This term has also seen the introduction of a new standard based curriculum in Ghana, which has presented some challenges. In view of this, a one-day workshop was held to keep the district well informed on how to fully integrate the new curriculum and the approach teachers have learnt in phase one of our project. In attendance were 28 personnel from the Ghana Education Office from AAK including the District Director, the Assistant Director for Supervision, Circuit Supervisors, Trainers and personnel from the Education Management Information System department of the directorate.

At the workshop, issues concerning the daily plan, writing of the lesson plans and assessment were the key areas discussed, and the directorate was supported on how to manage those issues. Plans and activities were outlined on how best to reach all the teachers in the district in order to support them with the new curriculum.

The workshop also included Training of Trainers for circuit based meetings. Circuit based meetings are coordinated and managed by the Ghana Education Service and bring together teachers from a specific geographic areas (circuit). AAK has seven circuits where these meetings will be held. The initial circuit based meetings will help teachers to adapt to the new curriculum.

Another activity that was delivered during the first term was brief in-class-coaching sessions. This activity was delivered by Ghana Education Service with some support from Sabre and during term one 47 brief in-class-coaching visits took place. The in-class-coaching provided an opportunity to help teachers plan their lessons to meet the requirements of the new curriculum and to enhance their classroom environments.

Below are some photos from the Training of Trainers session to enable the Ghana Education Service Officers to deliver the first circuit based meetings.