teacher Faustina Gborglah Dinku

Madam Faustina Gborglah Dinku in her classroom

This month we are celebrating two fantastic teachers from the Eastern Region of Ghana! Madam Faustina Gborglah Dinku of Kwesi Doi Presidential Kindergarten School in the Akuapem South District and Madam Grace Brago of Abiriw Presbyterian Kindergarten ‘A’ in Okere District for their tremendous contributions to kindergarten education.

Faustina has a brilliant understanding of the play-based teaching approach and she really goes the extra mile to make learning fun and interesting for the children. Thanks to her passion and commitment, she has recently been made head teacher at her school, where she will now be mentoring and coaching other teachers to implement play-based learning. This means that Faustina’s impact will reach even more children as she continues to support all of the kindergarten teachers in her school.

Ayekoo to Faustina on your promotion!

We also want to recognise Grace who is setting a great example for other teachers! Grace has created a really welcoming and friendly environment in her classroom. It’s amazing to see how well the children are following the classroom rules. Grace has spent time making teaching and learning materials to be used to teach all the key themes of the kindergarten curriculum, they are well packaged and stored to ensure they will last a long time and can be used again and again. It is also wonderful to see how Grace plans lessons ahead of time making teaching and learning easier for herself and the children.


Congratulations to both Faustina and Grace on the great job they are doing, they really are Star Teachers!