We are excited to share that the new kindergarten school in the community of Punpunie, was officially handed over to the chiefs and people of Punpunie in February 2020. The opening ceremony brought together representatives from Tullow Ghana, the Ahanta West Municipal education directorate, the District Chief Executive of Ahanta West municipal assembly and her staff from the assembly as well as community leaders and the local media.

The kindergarten school features two classrooms, a playground, toilets, a kitchen area and an office. The school is one of 12 schools that Tullow Ghana has funded in the Western Region under the company’s socio-economic development strategy.  In addition to the school building, the teachers working in the school have also received training to enable them to make the most out of the facilities and to deliver the active and play based pedagogy.

Cynthia Lumor, Corporate Affairs Director at Tullow Ghana said

“I am very excited to be here today to commission one of the manifestations of that shared prosperity agenda, a sustainable kindergarten here at Punpunie which we have constructed in collaboration with our partner, Sabre Education…The kindergarten projects are also in alignment with the efforts of the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education to meet Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all in addition to free basic education in Ghana”

Santa Maria Nyame, Punpunie M/A Basic head teacher said

“This is a deprived community and about four years ago, the school could boast of only two small classrooms, so we resorted to the multi grade system where we have different grades in a dilapidated bamboo shed. Sometimes, these young learners walk for about 6km to the next village to access education. But with the intervention of Sabre and Tullow Ghana, we now can boast of two enormous classrooms with the best teaching and learning resources. The teachers have also been taken through training by Sabre and are poised to deliver their best in the classrooms…. we are grateful for this gift”

Henrietta Mary Eyison, District Chief Executive Officer, Ahanta West Municipal Assembly said

“The public purse is insufficient to provide all that the children will need…, but with this facility, the children have enough space to undertake any activity. I heard the teachers mention that the children are allowed to play … and I am very happy because this gives the real meaning to the kindergarten word as coined from the German language, where children learn through play in preparation for long school years…ultimately, I know it will achieve the intended purpose…and from the displays this morning, I think the children are poised to make us proud.”

Thomas Donkor, Secretary to the Chief’s stool, Punpunie:

“We are most grateful for the facility you have given us because the previous one was almost at the verge of collapse but you came in to help us. We thank you so much…now our children are going to experience practical learning, they would be exposed to practical things and not theoretical things we were used to in the past and I can say with this our children have a good future…we would liaise with the authorities to maintain the facility for it to last because I know for sure that with this our children have a very bright future”

Mary Owooh, Parent, Punpunie community

“We can say that what we have seen today is beyond our expectation and this facility is going to affect the children’s learning positively. We just want to express our appreciation to you for this provision. We pray that God will bless you and reward you abundantly and we hope to make good use of the facility for our children’s benefit.”