Sabre and Tullow have been working in partnership since 2011 to deliver an improved standard of kindergarten education for children in south-west Ghana. Our partnership is built on our shared recognition that a high-quality early year’s education not only sets children up to succeed in primary and secondary school, but is proven to bring significant later life benefits, such as access to further education and greater earning potential as adults. The project is part of a broad agenda of supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in Ghana.

Sabre and Tullow Ghana’s most recent partnership has focused on building six kindergarten schools across six districts in the Western Region of Ghana. The schools are a sight to behold! They are spacious, bright and cool plus they have colourful, ergonomically designed indoor and outdoor areas for the children to use. We believe a school isn’t just a shell where children are taught, our school buildings are inspirational spaces that improve the quality of education teachers deliver, and they inspire children to want to come to school each morning. In fact, they have been described as some of the best kindergarten schools in Ghana!

kindergarten school

Building amazing, impactful schools isn’t enough though. Teachers are pivotal to improving children’s learning outcomes and all teachers employed in these new schools have been benefitting from our transformational teacher training.

The teacher training content promotes the development of basic STEM skills through a variety of fun and playful activities. Children are supported to explore and experiment with things around them, discover information for themselves, encouraging confidence and curiosity, which are essential for STEM education.

A huge thanks to Tullow for brightening the future of each child that goes to these schools.