Did you know that 40% of kindergarten schools in Ghana are private? If Sabre is to achieve its goal of providing all children in Ghana with a quality early years education it’s essential that we support private as well as public schools to provide the very best play-based education for their youngest learners.

As part of our teacher training project in the Central Region, we are really excited to be delivering our play-based teacher training to 34 low-fee private schools for the first time. This training is really making an impact on their classrooms which are now bright, colourful and inviting spaces for children to learn through play and exploration.

We are excited to showcase two private schools who have excelled in their delivery of play-based teaching – Bubble School Academy and Coast Bridge Academy.

Although Bubble School Academy has a small classroom, this hasn’t stopped them from implementing play-based activities in their classrooms. They have created learning centres, handmade story books and lots of teaching and learning resources from recycled materials. All this hard work will ensure that their pupils are able to learn effectively through play.

The teachers from Bubble School Academy shared; “At first, we used the traditional rote based system of teaching. We changed our minds with the support of our proprietor and head teacher when we tried play-based teaching after the first training workshop and saw that children who were unable to perform certain tasks are now able to do these activities well. The training has helped us and made us more creative teachers”

Coast Bridge Academy had some infrastructure challenges which were preventing them from implementing play-based teaching. We were delighted to see that after attending the first training workshop the school immediately set to work to ensure that the classrooms were in a fit state. They have fixed the windows and doors of the classrooms, ensuring that the resources they make to support learning through play are secured overnight. The school has also worked hard to acquire the right, kindergarten-appropriate furniture to allow its youngest pupils to learn through play. They have even painted the classroom to make the learning environment more inviting and child-friendly.

A huge congratulations to these two schools, we look forward to following your progress and all the other low-fee private schools that we are working with.