At Sabre Education we pride ourselves on being a learning organisation. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and to improve our work. We welcome all feedback and will deal with all complaints promptly and fairly to ensure we put things right for the person or organisation complaining and maintain our values of integrity and trust, which are vital in our relationships with all of our stakeholders and supporters. 

It is hoped that most complaints or concerns about Sabre can be dealt with informally by staff at the point of concern. However, we recognise that not all issues can be resolved in this way and that a formal complaints procedure is required for those occasions when an individual or organisation wishes to make their complaint a matter of record and to receive a formal response.

All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know and following any relevant data protection requirements

You can make your complaint:

In writing:

From Ghana – For the attention of the Operations Director, Sabre Education, P.O. Box Elmina 329, Central Region, Ghana

From outside Ghana – For the attention of the Chief Executive Officer, Sabre Education Limited, 9 Tregarne Terrace, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4DD

By telephone: 

From Ghana +233543697712

From outside Ghana +447443677256

By email:

If your complaint or concern involves any of the following malpractice please go to our Whistleblowing Policy* and use the contact details above.


The following malpractice or suspected malpractice can be past, present or likely to happen in the future:

  • Any form of abuse against a child, young person or vulnerable adult
  • Criminal activity 
  • Miscarriages of justice 
  • Practices endangering people’s health and safety 
  • Practices damaging the environment 
  • The charity is breaking the law, for example does not have the right insurance 
  • Bribery 
  • Financial malpractice, impropriety or fraud 
  • You believe someone is covering up any of the above

If something is troubling you, which you think we should know about, or look into, please don’t ignore the concern. If in doubt – raise it! 

We want you to feel confident about raising serious concerns. Also to feel reassured that, if you raise any concerns reasonably believing them to be true and in the public interest, your concerns will be taken seriously and you will be protected from harassment or victimisation.

* Click HERE for Whistleblowing Policy