At the end of March, the Central Region training team hosted a Best Practice Forum with all of the teachers currently enrolled on the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme. Teachers were asked to find a learning objective from their overviews and create their own activity or learning aid to help achieve it. The idea was to encourage creativity and innovation in the teachers, in order to reduce their reliance on the toolkits supplied by Sabre in the future, and they certainly proved to us that there wouldn’t be a problem!

They all came up with some fantastic resources and activities for their classrooms to share with each other. Unfortunately, we can’t show them all, but here are a choice few!

Teachers at Kissi M/A made these number cars from toilet roll tubes and have decorated them so colourfully! Not only can children learn to count in a fun way with them, as well as learn colour identification, but they also double as a way to develop fine motor skills when used in the construction centre, as the wheels can be detached and re-fixed by the pupils!

Number Cars


We also loved this word chart from Dompoase KG2 that can be used to develop literacy skills, with vowels that can be moved up and down the track to make different words the pupils have been learning in phonics time.

Word Chart

Teachers at Wesley Girls’ Standfast noticed some of their pupils were shy when it came to singing and performance activities, so they pulled out all the stops to create a whole improvised drum kit and sound system for their pupils to use as props to encourage them and increase their confidence! It’s also great in the classroom Music Centre, where pupils can develop their rhythm and auditory skills.

Music Centre

We can’t wait to see more of these innovations popping up across all the Model Practice Classrooms as we continue to visit them. We hope all the teachers took as much enthusiasm and inspiration away from the day as we did; they certainly seemed to!