The Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training (FTTT) team in the Central Region had a great time celebrating the many achievements of the teachers who have nearly finished their two-year FTTT training with a ‘Moving on Meeting’ last week. In attendance were Ghana Education Service officers, head teachers and of course all of our teachers. Lots of excellent ideas were shared on how the schools can maintain the programme now that the training is coming to an end. We were delighted to hear that Ghana Education Service were also fully on board to help the teachers to maintain the high standards they have set in their classrooms. Mr Felix Ansah, Assistant Director of Supervision for Cape Coast, assured the teachers that Ghana Education Service will not sit back and allow all of the good work that has gone on so far diminish and Ghana Education Service will help the teachers through monitoring and supervision to make sure the programme continues. He encouraged the teachers that they should not give up now that the training has ended.

The teachers also had the opportunity to share the impact they felt the programme has had on the kindergarten children over the two years. The main improvements they cited were improvements in social skills and cognitive development.

The Sabre team were able to show the teachers what an amazing transformation they have made to their classrooms by showing them before and after pictures, some of the teachers could not believe what a huge change they have been able to make in just two years. It was a great celebration of their achievements and we wish all of the teachers the best of luck next year. We look forward to visiting their classrooms next year to see how they are getting on now they are on their own. We have every confidence that we will not be disappointed!