Last week, Sabre Education kicked off activities in our new project area, the Assin South district, in Ghana’s Central Region. The project began with a week-long Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop for selected trainers, made up of teachers and Ghana Education Service officials.

The purpose of the workshop was to empower trainers by upskilling them in play-based learning, focusing specifically on strengthening classroom behaviour management as outlined in Ghana’s new standard-based kindergarten curriculum. The topics covered in the training included using outdoor activities to make learning more engaging, and employing tabletop activities to improve pupils’ numeracy, literacy, and creativity.

The participating trainers will go on to lead and facilitate workshops with kindergarten teachers in their district using the knowledge they have gained from Sabre’s training sessions. They can then equip kindergarten teachers with the knowledge and skills to create stimulating and effective learning environments for young learners. In the coming weeks, trainers will go on to train all Assin South’s kindergarten teachers, headteachers, and School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs) with the support of Sabre.

The training was led by two National Trainers: teacher, Ernestina Sam, and Central Regional ECE Coordinator, Alberta Aryah, with Sabre providing technical assistance. Assin South’s Director of Education and Deputy Director for Supervision also observed the training to gain firsthand knowledge of the content.

After years of fine-tuning our play-based teacher training model, Sabre is now working closely with partners to support the Ghanaian government’s plan to scale quality, play-based kindergarten training nationally, so every child in Ghana can receive a quality early years education. Sabre’s work in Assin South district will help to inform the plan for national scaling.


I am very happy to be part of this training and l am going to implement it to the fullest. This training will enable my learners to become more active as I’ve learnt a variety of methods to facilitate this positive behaviour change.

– Felicity Appiah-Kubi, KG teacher

I’m glad to have learnt so many new skills over the course of the workshop that will enable me to support my teachers in the implementation of the play-based pedagogy, and deepen my understanding of the KG curriculum. Thank you, Sabre Education.

– David Gorman Fodjour, District Training Officer.