Work has been progressing very well at the new two classroom kindergarten school in Aboadze, in the Shama district in Ghana’s Western Region.

The main school building is complete, the two classrooms offer a spacious, light and airy space thanks to the innovative design features, including the orientation of the classrooms, pivoting windows, the shape of the roof with its overhangs providing shade for walkways around the classroom and protection from the glare of the sun into the classrooms.

The classrooms also incorporate a rainwater harvesting system which collects rainwater in poly tanks that can be used by the school for cooking and hand washing.

The shaded outside teaching area is also complete. This is an important element of the school as it enables teachers to deliver part of the school day outside where children can get involved in more physical activities, developing gross motor skills.

As the school is located on a raised site the concrete walkways around the school also include a ramp for accessibility.

Grass landscaping is now complete and once the grass starts to grow there will be an attractive grassed area around the school grounds.

As the school is backed by a sloped area, concrete in being added to protect the land from erosion.