Our teacher training team in Ghana has been delivering training workshops, using an adapted version of our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training model, over the past few weeks to a group of private school proprietors and head teachers as part of our partnership with Opportunity Edufinance.  Opportunity EduFinance, under the Opportunity International umbrella, helps low-fee private schools to improve facilities and the quality of education they can offer and, by making them more accessible and affordable to more parents, Opportunity EduFinance is helping to improve choice and quality in Ghana’s education system.

Our team has delivered four days of training in Kumasi and six days in Accra. The participants, who numbered 75 in Kumasi, and two groups in Accra, comprising 65 and 45 respectively were introduced to a child centred activity based approach to teaching in the early years. Other content areas included brain research, positive behaviour management approaches and informal assessment for kindergarten.

Teachers from these private schools have either already been trained by us, or will be trained in the near future. The purpose of this training was to introduce the proprietors and head teachers to the programme and solicit their support to the implementation of the child-centred activity based approach to teaching.