The teacher training team in the Western Region have been busy delivering the first workshop to the new cohort of 5 schools that have joined our one-year In-Service Teacher Training project (INSET). This training draws on the core elements of the successful Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project and is a condensed version. Unlike the Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training  project the INSET does not include pre-service student teachers so is not geographically tied to communities in the vicinity of Colleges of Education.

Our team of trainers loved travelling out to Ellembelle District to meet all of the new teachers and head teachers joining the training, and had a very productive four days of training.

This first workshop introduced the teachers to the new active and play based pedagogy for kindergarten and ways in which the teachers can implement this in their classrooms.

Last year we were thrilled to finish constructing a District Model School in Ellembelle District and this school was put to good use during the INSET training. The teachers had the opportunity to visit the school and observe the teachers in order to gather ideas to take back to their own classrooms and get an idea of what they will be implementing in their schools. The teachers also had a great time trying out some of the activities they will be doing with the children in their classrooms, with one of the favourites being the obstacle course.

It was great to meet all of the teachers that we will be spending the next year with whilst they are part of the INSET project, and we cannot wait to see their classrooms begin to transform. Watch this space for updates from their classrooms soon.