The move from Kindergarten to Primary School is a monumental shift for many learners and teachers alike. Such an upheaval is a daunting prospect at such a young age, as many children become attached to their schools, teachers, and classmates.

In the districts of Gomoa and Efutu, Sabre Education organised a two-day training workshop for all teachers working in the first year of primary school (P1).

The aim of the training was to improve Primary 1 teachers’ abilities to facilitate learners’ gradual transition from the play-based kindergarten system to the more mainstream model of teaching adopted in early primary school. Creating a positive and enabling learning environment is crucial for this process.

The training activities included topics such as: how children learn, the rationale for transition activities, behaviour management, the child-centered teaching approach, and the role of the teacher in a learner-centred environment. Sabre also encouraged P1 teachers to visit KG classrooms, and encouraged KG2 students to befriend P1 students. We also asked KG teachers to pass on assessment records and other progress reports to P1 teachers, in order to smooth this transition.

One participant commented:

“I had a pressing matter to attend to on the second day of the training, but because of the informative and interesting discussions we had on Day 1 about improving my teaching and learning, I postponed my other meeting. This training has taught me a lot. Special thanks to the Directorate and Sabre Education for making this possible’’.