In preparation for a local media event, a team from UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Ghana recently visited some of the schools we are working with. We were thrilled to host two visitors, Country Representative Tirso Dos Santos and Prosper Nyavor, Education Programme Manager. We visited a few schools which are part of our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project to see how teachers were using the active play-based methodology in their classrooms. Among the schools visited was Holy Child Kindergarten Centre of Excellence, which is also one of the schools Sabre has built. The visitors were impressed with the design and the use of local materials in the construction of the school.

In the classrooms, Tirso encouraged student teachers to take the methodology into their new classrooms when they become teachers, as it provides an opportunity to achieve learning objectives in the Ghana Education Service curriculum through the use of child-centered activities.

The team from UNESCO was also happy to see a school where Sabre has not had any direct contact, but a Sabre trained teacher who transferred from another school was implementing the methodology. Interacting with the head teacher of this school highlighted the key leadership role head teachers play in promoting the right methodology in their classrooms.