The school year is quickly coming to and end and so is the training for our current cohort of teachers. This terms last In Class Coaching (ICC), which took place a few weeks ago, was crucial as it ensured that any challenges the teachers may still be facing could be solved.

The Holy Child College of Education trainers and Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training (FTTT) team met collaboratively to discuss how best to coach the teachers in the classroom during this last ICC. During the ICC the trainers will spend a whole day in each classroom to offer individual support to the teachers.

The pre ICC meeting was highly successful, with trainers really bringing out their coaching skills in solving scenarios and likely situations from the classroom. The trainers contributions really showed that they have come a long way and how prepared they are to support the teachers in the classroom.

In addition, more was discussed on the approach and the methodology the trainers have to use to make teachers embrace the full concept of FTTT programme.

We thank all trainers for embracing the FTTT mantra, I am a learner, you are learner, we are all learners, and taking on board all of the new learning’s in their training, as well as sharing the mantra with the teachers in order to get them fully on board with the FTTT programme.

We wish you well in this last ICC visits- we know they will be a great success and set up the teachers very well to continue the programme once their training finishes in July.