Our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training programme trains trainers who are mainly drawn from the local College of Education, in the Central Region, this is OLA College of Education in Cape Coast.  The group of trainers then delivers the training to the practising classroom teachers, and student teachers from the College of Education. In addition to the College Tutors, teachers who have been through the training programme and are performing excellently in delivering the new teaching method have also gone on to become part of the training team.

This month, we welcomed Harriet Crentsil, kindergarten teacher at Jacob Wilson Sey School, to the team of trainers.  Harriet overcame her nerves at presenting to her peers and delivered excellently as both a lead and support trainer throughout the workshop.

We asked her a few questions about her experience so far.

How did you feel about joining the team?

Oh, I was very happy.  It has given me the opportunity to learn and also be part of the training team.  In the classroom, I wasn’t always sure of some of the things we are doing, but joining the training team I’ve gotten a better understanding of the whole programme.

 How did you find Training of Trainers and the preparation for delivery?

It wasn’t easy at first!  There is a lot to do, but the encouragement from the people I met there and the support they gave me about how to deliver training helped me a lot to become more confident.

 What about the workshops themselves?  Did you ease into the delivery over the three days?

Standing in front of my colleagues wasn’t easy!  I am part of them, but now suddenly I’m standing in front of them delivering the training.  It can be difficult if the participants aren’t contributing, and I think some of them were surprised to see me as a trainer.  In fact, I told them that any of them could be in my position, too – we are all working together and we should help each other.  I said it’s like I’m doing on-campus teaching practice, so they should support me!  After that, they were contributing more and became easier.

Well done and welcome, Harriet!  We look forward to working with you more in the future.

image: Harriet Crentsil