We are excited to share our Say, Sing, Shine radio programme. With kindergarten schools closed due to COVID-19 children are missing out on vital early years education. Our new programme, working in partnership with the Ghana Education Service, is tackling this challenge by bringing fun and creative sessions direct to homes and communities across the 12 districts we work with in the Eastern, Western and Central Regions of Ghana.

The Sing, Say, Shine radio programme is being delivered via radio broadcasts on local radio stations and also through community public address systems in local languages. It will complement the Ghana Education Service’s national Ghana Learning TV & Radio Programme. We have chosen to use local radio and community public address systems as many households in the communities we work with do not have a television and many also do not have access to a radio, so the community address system can reach everyone. These broadcast channels have also enabled us to produce content in local languages which makes instruction for kindergarten children easier and is more accessible for parents who do not use English.

The content is supporting kindergarten children to build their 5C skills; confidence, curiosity, cooperation, communication and concentration, through early grade literacy, numeracy and creative arts. There are also sessions for parents (or family members) to better support children’s learning and complement what happens in school, thereby promoting parents’ involvement in the education of their children.

The programme kicked off on the 3rd and 4th June with promotional interviews highlighting the district level radio programme and promoting the Ghana Education Services’ national Ghana Learning TV programme.

As part of the programme we are also supporting kindergarten teachers who have been part of our Transformational Teacher Training to follow up with parents through phone calls. Calls to parents seek to create awareness about the radio sessions for children and parents and the national Ghana Learning TV & Radio Programme; check up on the general well-being of children and parents and how they are coping in the midst of COVID 19, signposting parents to additional support; check on children’s learning life; gather feedback on the radio broadcasts and discuss how to observe COVID-19 safety protocols to stay safe.

As part of the sessions for kindergarten children the broadcasts include questions and activities for the children to get involved with. The pieces of work the children produce can then be submitted by their parents/carers through Whatsapp.

Check out this video sharing some of the great work the children have produced at home. Please click on the image to watch the video.