We are delighted to be supporting the Ghana Ministry of Education’s National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, which is developing the curriculum at the pre-tertiary level in Ghana that will be used in every school in Ghana from September 2019.  Sabre has been part of the kindergarten curriculum writing team and involved with training of national and regional trainers and is playing a key role in sustaining the implementation process.

The Ghana Education Service and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, through its national trainers, have been delivering orientation workshops for regional and district trainers on the new curriculum. We are really proud to have one of our team members, Foster Cephas Armah, as a Master Trainer, training the selected regional and district trainers on the new kindergarten curriculum.

Sabre Education has been at the forefront of piloting the child centred activity play based pedagogy in the Central and Western Regions of Ghana. Our Fast-track Transformational Teacher Training project was devised as part of the Ministry of Educations Operational Plan to scale up quality kindergarten education across Ghana. Sabre’s thematic child centred approach has informed the development of the new kindergarten curriculum.

We will continue to support the Ministry of Education to realise its vision of “equipping young Ghanaians to play their part in the country’s social and economic development” and deliver on Sabre’s vision of helping all children succeed, by giving them the best possible early years education.

Here’s our Training Officer, Foster, training the national trainers.