The sustainable kindergarten complex being built in the Ahanta West District in the community of Punpunie is really starting to take shape!

Key activities this month included:
1. Formwork for upper ring beam was removed and roof trusses have been fixed in place. Alignments were thoroughly checked and the roof is ready for the purlins to be added. [The formwork is wooden boards fixed in place to act as a mold to pour concrete into to form the upper ring beam of the main school building] [Purlins are the wooden beams that run horizontal on the roof across the trusses]

2. The second monthly project meeting for the school construction took place and included representatives from the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly, Tullow Oil, the contractor, the headmistress of Punpunie Basic School and community members. The site was inspected as part of the meeting so that all members could see how the construction was progressing and engineers from the Municipal Assembly could also inspect the work so far.

3. Roof purlins and fascia boards have been fixed completely. [Fascia boards are the long straight wooden boards that run along the edge of the roof].

4. Sandcrete block walls have been finished and the stud walling is well underway. [stud wall is a wall made of a wooden frame].

5. The school kitchen is coming along well with the floor complete and framework for walls constructed, purlins and roofing sheets have also been fixed and blockwork is ongoing.

6. Concrete walls for toilet pit have been completed, reinforcement fixing for the ground beams and floor have also been completed and formwork constructed.

7. The main school building roofing, plastering, and internal plywood cladding are all ongoing.